Hot Toys The Flash Cosbi Collection (Individual Blind Boxes) 7x11x7cm


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Hot Toys The Flash Cosbi Collection ( Blind Boxes) 7x11x7cm  

Enhance your DC cinematic collection with The Flash Cosbi Collection Random Set of 2 from Hot Toys. Each blind-boxed figure includes a non-articulated stylized Cosbi figure that measures approximately 3-inches tall.

The collection features The Flash in his movie inspired suit along with multiple figures of Batman in different suits.

These suits include, the Caped Crusader clenching his teeth, the iconic comic-inspired blue and grey suited Batman, the upgraded suit from the 1992 movie , the modern suit, the arctic suit with an ice axe, Batman (as The Gotham Guardian) with gold and black winged-suit, the light grey suit with special Batman emblem on the chest armor, and finally the 1989 Batman with dark chrome effect as the chase cosbi.

In addition, each figure features a puzzle shaped base that can be connected together. There is also a special collection card that comes sealed in a foil bag in every blind box to preserve the rarity and collectability of the series. Snap up the coolest The Flash Cosbi collection today!


The Flash Cosbi Collection Random Set of 1 contains 1 randomly selected blind-boxed figures.


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